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Interesting E-Commerce Applications
Interesting E-Commerce Applications

Interesting E-Commerce Applications

Buying and selling of product or service really became effortless due to E-Commerce. Over the years, it has gained huge popularity and its need is ever increasing. There are various interesting E-Commerce Apps that enables you to buy and sell product with ease. Some common applications associated with E-Commerce are instant messaging, group buying, news groups, teleconferencing, automated online assistants and online shopping and order tracking. Are you looking for tools to aid in your E-Commerce endeavor? Whether you have Smartphones, PDAs, iPhone or tablets there are plenty of Apps that helps you in this aspect. Below is a list of Open Source E-Commerce Apps along with a short description:


Magento is an application that involves very strong features both from user and admin level. It includes plenty of promotion/marketing methods to make sales hassle-free. It includes strategy such as “buy 1 get 1 free” or “quantity discounts” and it supports other possibilities that you can never think. This application is designed using ¬†PHP and uses MySQL as database. It is united with Google Checkout and PayPal; this is not the end because it is integrated with other e-payment systems as well.


It is multilingual and an open source ASP.NET e-commerce application. It incorporates MSSQL 2005 as the database and it is entirely custom-made with the theming support. With this application, you can form limitless categories and limitless images to your product. This is an amazing application if you are in quest of an ASP.NET shopping cart. It integrates PayPal and an easy weight-shipping calculation by default.


The most exciting thing about this application is, it works with various payment systems such as Cyber Source, PayPal and Authorize.net and there are many more. You can import or export product through single checkout feature and XML, which makes shopping very simple. Ubercart is a feature-rich application where you can vend physical goods, download files and you can even have site memberships with auto-renewals.


Pretashop caters you to generate special deals such as price reductions and gift vouchers. You can also tag products, vend virtual goods and service. It is an incredible open source e-commerce application including ample features with sleek interface. It needs PHP and MySQL to operate. It works with PayPal by default, but other payment processors can be effortlessly included. The integration and theme options are displayed in the product’s active community.


VirtueMart includes various functional features right from stock management to quick currency conversion. It is an e-commerce platform for Mambo and Joomla. You can almost add any number of pictures and documents to your product. It accepts live credit card processing and famous payment gateways.

These are the few E-Commerce interesting Applications that you can incorporate and to make your online shopping experience better.

Authored by Mia Eddy, a crazy shopper and a passionate writer. She works for international package forwarding services who offers best pricing deals. Get the exclusive range of economic shipping options and express delivery.

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